Vegan Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

When you are craving tuna salad, this chickpea version will amaze your plant loving friends, and delight your taste buds. This salad is great on toasted bread, served with crackers, lettuce wraps, and cut vegetables.  This recipe is vegan and dairy free. This is a quick and easy recipe to make any time of the year.


1 can chickpeas; drained and rinsed

2 tbsp. pickle relish

1-2 stalks of celery, diced

3 tbsp. vegan mayonnaise

1 scallion, diced

1 tbsp. white vinegar

1/4 tsp. dill

pepper to taste

dash of paprika


In a food processor add the chickpeas, relish, celery, and scallions.

Lightly pulse a few times until the chickpeas are chopped, but not into a paste.

Transfer the chickpea mix to a medium bowl. Add in the mayonnaise and the vinegar.

Season with a little salt, pepper, dill, and a dash of paprika.

Using a spoon or spatula, gently fold until all the ingredients are well incorporated.

Happy cooking!




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