This is the official site of Julie Michele.

      Chef, book lover, published author. Recipes, ideas, and inspiration for everyone.

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     I’m Julie and I’ll be taking you through my culinary journey. I graduated the summer of 2016 from Johnson and Wales University in Denver. I have discovered so much and want to share all my tips, tricks, and secrets that I’ve discovered along the way.

     This blog will be a foundation for a cookbook that I have been working on for the past few years. I love creating new recipes, and sharing it with the people I love. I’m passionate about cooking, and I love working in the culinary industry. It’s fast paced, exciting, and very rewarding. I feel lucky to be doing something I love every day.  

     One of my guilty pleasures is reading through cookbooks from the library to discover new flavor combinations, techniques, and tricks. Flipping through other people’s stories and adventures with cooking, beautiful pictures, becoming inspired and creating new recipes is what I enjoy the most.

     Food connects us all to each other, to our memories, and experiences. My hope is to inspire others through my journey, and help others be comfortable with cooking and making beautiful food at home. Nosh to your heart’s content and happy cooking!



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  1. Love it Julie! You’ll be my go to girl for recipes now! I’m not so good in the kitchen so you’ll be helping me a great deal! Can’t wait to get the book too! xoxo Valerie

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